IZ design studio, an architecture firm formerly known as RFBA, was established in 1976. For the past thirty-eight years, we have been designing educational facilities, public works projects, commercial projects, and medical projects with a focus on customer satisfaction. We hold current licenses in the states of Nevada, Washington, Idaho, California, Utah, Colorado, Georgia and North Carolina. RFBA was renamed IZ design studio in 2010 upon the opening of the Nevada office. The Nevada location is new to the firm, but our clients will still receive the top expertise they have come to expect from the Broyles Family Architects, I-Fang, Zach, and Bob.

Of the hundreds of architecture projects completed by IZ design studio, the vast majority of them have been public projects. Our clients have included cities, counties, school districts, colleges, and universities. We have completed schools, jails, police departments, libraries, and government office buildings.